Miscellaneous Legislation

While these particular pieces of legislation do not fall into any neat column or category – they nonetheless represent significant legislative achievements.

Update to the Legislature’s Ethics Act, conflict of interest and per diem rules

The Alaska Ethics Act aims to provide assurance that legislators are representing the public interest.  It also promotes transparency within state government and brings Alaska’s laws into conformity with most other states. The Act clearly defines when a legislator has a voting conflict, eliminates per diem if a budget has not passed by Day 121 (the Constitutional limit for a session) and further restricts the ability of lobbyists to purchase food and drink for elected officials. I co-sponsored this legislation.

Bringing Ridesharing Companies (UBER and LYFT) to Alaska

In co-sponsored the Let’s Ride Alaska Act, which allows ridesharing companies, such as LYFT and UBER, to operate in Alaska.   I am glad to be a part of modernizing our state.  I think it is important that Alaska be a hub of free enterprise and I think UBER/LYFT provide job opportunities and enhance rider experience.

Massage Therapist Background Checks

I sponsored legislation to limit the burden on small business owners by changing the statue requiring background checks and finger printing for massage therapists from every 2 years to every 6 years. I believe in reducing needless government regulation – and this is one instance where I feel we successfully limited government.

Civil Legal Services Fund

This bill safeguards low-income Alaskans’ access to the civil justice system by creating a stable and sustainable mechanism for funding the Alaska Legal Services Corporation The Alaska Legal Services Corporation—established in 1967—is not a state agency but is instead a nonprofit charitable 501(c)(3), which strives to serve a growing number of low-income applicants. I am proud to have co-sponsored this bill.

Worker Misclassification in Worker’s Compensation

I’m proud to say that after many years a bill addressing the definition of independent contractors and addressing worker misclassification in the construction industry has become law. This was a bill that I originally introduced in 2016. This bill created a clear distinction between independent contractors and employees to insure proper worker’s compensation coverage for Alaskan workers.

Reducing Nail Technician Regulations

I fought to reduce burdensome professional licensing requirements on nail technicians. We repealed legislation that required  manicurists to have 250 hours of training to polish nails. Without this repeal many manicurists would not have been able to work.  To paraphrase Thomas Jefferson, the government that governs best is the government that regulates least.